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Monday, October 31, 2005

Tower Records and Used CD's

It's always worth it to look through Tower's Clearance CD section but it seems that they've also now moved into Used CD's. Signs protuding from the New CD sections first alerted me to this fact but it took me a while to find the section.
At first sight I nearly turned away. Years of flicking through thousands of Used CD's has not endeared me to the process. Spines facing up and all the same way please! Still, obviously waiting to be dicovered was "The Nymphs" CD Single "A Practical Guide To Astral Projection" and there it was, a forgotten item on the want list. I've found over the years that the CD's find me rather than the other way around.

The Nymphs self-imploded years ago reportedly due to some rather bizarre behavior by Lead Singer Inger Lorre. I actually purchased a ticket to a 1992 concert in Vancouver at The Commodore where they were supposed to open for Peter Murphy of Bauhaus but they never appeared due to Inger's antics.

Anyhow the point of this post is really to point out that whoever is doing the Used CD buying at Tower In Seattle at least, definitely has an eye for some unusual and hard to find CD's so check it out.


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