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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Anne Fleming "Anomaly"

Six years from a collection of short stories to her first novel might seem a long time and of course raises expectations, which may not be fulfilled. (If it took that long to write well it had better be good) Interestingly with true hyperbolic aplomb the advance reading copy maintains the novel is ‘pyrotechnically’ well-written. Thankfully Anne Fleming’s novel “Anomaly” succeeds on all fronts.

Strong characterization coupled to an intriguing storyline centered around 2 young sisters, their mother and an aging Spinster friend struggling to come to terms with her life and make sense of it all. The sisters grow up under the shadow of sibling rivalry, which threatens to tear them apart irrevocably. How they and their mother negotiate this intense struggle is immaculately portrayed by Fleming.

She remarks in This Magazine “Everything I read that has perfect sentences influences me to want to rival them.” Finely detailed scenes explore events from all angles in the early parts of the novel with a descriptive beauty second to none. These finely wrought scenes fade gently into the novel as it picks up pace heading towards the novels denouement reflecting the characters lives as they grow older and events unfold at a faster pace. See this review for a contradictory opinion.

Fleming along with her eagle eye has a demonstrable connection with her characters. You can tell she’s in love with them as they themselves fall in and out of love struggling to find their place in the world.

Well her novel should find a place in your bookshelf, highly recommended.

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