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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Canadian Country Music Awards and God

When you’re doomed to the 2-channel universe the mind tends to focus on what’s available. Well not entirely true, I’ve access to a grainy, snowy CBC channel which last night broadcast the Canadian Country Music Awards aka CCMA.

The ebullient oh so perky hosts enthusiasm on CBC contrasted with my confirmed belief and complete lack of understanding in the inexplicable popularity of “Great Big Sea” Please people “Shane McGowan” may be a sloppy old drunk but “The Pogues” …. and if you haven’t heard of them frankly there’s nothing more to say.

George Canyon… was there ever a more perfectly styled Country Artist name. All you aspiring country music artists are going to have to work hard to top that one. Well George of course wore the big hat, which he ever so humbly removed twice so you could see his face. Prior to that all you could see was a shadowy outline.
George won for Best Song and if I remember correctly, promptly thanked Jesus Christ! That’s it, the final straw that broke the pinto horse’s back. If I ever have the good fortune to be in charge of an Award Show the first contractual stipulation (in bold) will be: ”Under no circumstances will any award winner thank any unseen entity for having a hand in their success or lack thereof. In addition please do not thank “The Fans” that long-suffering amorphous conglomerate who have summoned you to these proceedings”

Anne Murray on the other hand paid tribute to and thanked “Bruce Allen” . Now “Bruce Allen” and humble are 3 words never before seen in the same sentence so in a sense you could say that Anne Murray also thanked God. Though to his credit Bruce did thank his “team” without which etc etc.

Amanda Wilkinson (part of the Wilkinson family) had an appealing voice and stage presence despite singing a bog-standard pop/rock song (please don’t call it country) with a chorus that tried valiantly to be catchy but sadly wasn’t quite up to it.

So attention waning, I departed the dotty CBC. Tonight “Rock Star Supernova.” , 2 channels focuses the mind like nothing else. I’m hoping for “Dilana” but Toby will probably be the winner. Hopefully he won’t thank “Jesus Christ” but will thank “Tommy Lee” which is another story entirely.


Blogger Keri said...

So, I'm sick at home trying not to die of a coughing fit, and going through all my bookmarks to pass the time until the inevitable slow death, and I come here, and
1) I'm all over Rockstar. Lukas is the man (as we all know now). My friend actually paid for his ticket to go to Vancouver for the audition, so I've been behind him all along.
2) I went to the Dandy Warhols/Brian Jonestown in Seattle. Check out my blog!

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