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Monday, November 07, 2005

Mass affection infects Vancouver audience at Magic Numbers concert

Oh the love! Never before scenes of mass approval sent from audience to performer and back permeated the atmosphere at Richards on Richards for the Canadian live debut of “The Magic Numbers”. I’ve never experienced quite the love and crowd sing alongs that this band received from the audience last night. Roars of approval in-between the verses sung by Angela in “I See You You See Me provoked a shy, amused but slightly unsure smile while her harmonies dovetailed beautifully with Romeo.

Romeo’s guitar and singing enhanced by the girls harmonizing reached pure pop perfection most especially on “ Love’s Just a Game” as the girls ended the song with Ooh Aah Wooo’s. Be still my beating heart!

Before I’m accused of gushing let me state that although the hype had at first brought the band to my attention I was distinctly under-whelmed by the 2 videos I caught on Much Music’s The Wedge where the band came across as lightweight and somewhat fey. Live their sound was beefed up and melodically muscular with Romeo’s tuneful vocals and strong guitar playing leading the way. Michele his bass playing sister harmonized beautifully throughout the show. Tight band interplay between guitar, drums and bass all band members interacting with each other onstage playing off each other and as a unit fed off the crowd appreciation being sent their way.

So how many bands could get away with a cover of Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love” and turn it into a sing along with most of Vancouver’s concert going hipsters young and old? Yes indeed the show drew a healthy mix of age groups from 50 years on down, a sure sign of their ability to appeal to more than the indie hipster.

Hands down contender for best concert of 2005.

Keri has some far better pics here.


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